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10 Easy Steps to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint as a Home Barista

With the release of Seaspiracy on Netflix it has yet again reaffirmed what we already know, we are treating the environment poorly and we are already suffering the consequences of this in our society and the world over. It is yet another example of the wool being pulled over our eyes and I hope you find the time to watch it.

With this in mind, I wanted to remind you of quick easy ways to lessen your carbon footprint which directly relates to the coffee you drink and purchase, a major contributor of waste. This is for the home user who is conscious of how they can and should help to reduce their footprint.

💦 Only boil the amount of water you need for each coffee by using scales, so simple.

🧋 Swap out milk for a non-dairy alternative, preferably oat as this performs well on all sustainability metrics. @oatly

🌺 When you rinse your paper filter for a pour-over use the water leftover to water the plants

🔁 Use the same amount of water each time you rinse the filter, this is good both for less water waste but also consistency in your brewing

🏡 Drink more coffee at home, this is something we’ve all been great at recently.

🪴 Use your coffee grounds as a fertiliser for your garden, it’s rich in nutrients for your plants, just make sure it’s dry.

🛀 Make a face scrub or body wash with your coffee grounds (Recipes online)

☕️ If you want the most environmentally friendly brew method or zero waste that would be the French Press, as it does not require a filter and the coffee can be recycled, as seen above.

⚙️ If using an espresso machine set up a button to purge the same amount of water each time, experiment to find the perfect balance or use a timer.

🛍 Select roasters/ suppliers that actively look to reduce their waste and carbon footprint. Ask questions of them and see if they can give the answers that you seek.

We have the power to change and I always think lead by example and be the change you want to see and hopefully these tips will help with that. It’s not that these will solve the issue but it will get us thinking about how we can be better, to help protect our future.

Is there anything you do with your coffee to help the planet?

Are there even easier steps to do this?

Let me know in the comments below.

Jon Townsend


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