From the avid enthusiasts to the dedicated professional

Course Dates

  • Espresso & Milk

    3 hr

    65 British pounds


Back to Basics 

Espresso & Milk

Course Length - 3 hrs

Price - £65

This course will suit those who have recently been introduced to the world of coffee, as well as providing a refresher for those looking to enhance and refine their skillset.

Our course covers;

- Introduction to coffee, exploring where coffee originates.

- How to make a perfect espresso, discussing techniques to create consistency.

- A sensory analysis on how to taste and appreciate an espresso.

- How to maximise the quality of coffee by getting to grips with the maintenance of coffee machines and grinders.

- How to produce beautiful latte art, while maintaining quality and an efficient workflow.

Image by Kristian Ryan Alimon

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Espresso & Milk

Course Length - 3 hrs

Price - £95

This will suit those that have attended our 'Back to Basics' course or for those looking to further advance themselves in the field of coffee. We'll be diving deeper into the intricacies of espresso making, turning you into a professional barista. 


Our course covers;


- Learn about coffee varieties and varietals

- How to analyse an espresso using more scientific methods, so we can track progress.

- Create your own espresso brew recipes, discovering more potential from coffee.

- Improve upon your palate and understand where defects may appear in espresso. 

- Learn more advanced latte art skills, learning to free pour your milk.




Course Length - 2 hrs

Price - £40

This course is suited to those looking to improve their brewing skills, be that at your cafe or in your home. We take a deep dive into how different brewing methods will give you a new perspective on coffee.  Created with a more light hearted and fun approach without forgetting to up your skill level. 

Our course covers;

- Understanding what each brewing method can achieve and how to use them correctly. 

(Includes a V60, Chemex, Cafetière, Aeropress)

-How to create a brew recipe for your coffee. Like anything in cooking, without a recipe you won't know how to replicate it again and again.

- Expand your palate by taking a tour on a sensory level and start using correct terminology to describe what you're experiencing. 



Course Length - 2 hrs

Price - £50

Produce insta-worthy latte art. It's never enough to troll through videos on Youtube to master this skill. Come with us and get behind the the fundamentals of creating beautiful latte art to wow and amaze your colleagues and friends.

Our course covers;

- How to steam consistently perfect milk producing a glossy white finish.

- Knowing when to pour your milk, how heigh the jug needs to be and the speed of the pour are all important factors to consider when the milk hits that espresso. 

- The patterns you'll be practising and perfecting;

The Monks Head

The Heart 

The Tulip

The Rosetta