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French Press & Coffee Hacks

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

It's an immersion brew that you can repeat time and time again with easy steps so you don't have to think or do too much each time, a fantastic beginners tool. If you're already well equipped in the French Press there are some coffee hacks for you at the bottom of the post, if not please read on. There are three elements to consider when you're making a French Press and those are; Grind Size - The particle size of your ground coffee, be it fine or coarse. Brew Time - How long you let your coffee brew for.

Water Temperature - How hot the water is in the kettle or pouring device. For grind size I'd suggest going as fine as you can and then work your way back coarser until you hit a desirable flavour. The reason for that is that by opening the surface area of the coffee and allowing for a higher extraction we can push more out of the coffee, faster. Brew time I tend to stick with a 9 minute brew overall so that I'm consistent each time. The longer you brew the more you can extract but if you go on for too long you'll start to over extract which will lead to bitter flavours coming through. The water temperature can help aid the extraction, if you use a hotter temperature it'll extract faster and then if it's cooler it will have the opposite effect. Start from 93 degrees and then either go up or down depending on what you want to get from the brew. Tips 1) Don't plunge the coffee at the end as you'll end up agitating the coffee grounds at the bottom allowing it to pass through into the drink. 2) Remove the crust half way into the brew making sure to heat your spoon up to not allow the temperature to drop 3) If you're finding you get coffee grounds in your brew it may be a good idea to double filter your coffee with either another sieve or a paper filter, giving it a cleaner cup. 4) Keep at it and push the limits of what you can do, exploration is the fun part. If you have any other tips or want some helpful advice leave a comment below. Happy Brewing 😊 For a tutorial on how to make one check out my Instagram videos or YouTube channel 👌


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