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Hello 👋

Thank you for joining this community, you're not only going to be making incredible coffee by the end of this course but you've also helped someone into the hospitality industry, that is incredible. 

How it Works

You will first watch the video followed by a breakdown of the sections discussed, giving you more information on the processes. 

Make sure to take notes as we go along as you'll be quizzed at the end of each section to help you retain the information you've just learned.

Feel free to jump in abd out of sections at your own pace. 

Once you have completed the course, you will be issued with a certificate by Defined Grind, this is to say confirm that you are awesome and know how to make great coffee at home. 

The Modules 

2  - The Equipment - What you will need

3 - The Technique - How To Prepare and Make Espresso 

4 - Recipe Creation - How to Create a Recipe 

5 - MLYK Steaming - The Basics of Creating Microfoam 

6 -  Latte Art - How to Pour a Heart

7 - Putting it Together - The Finish 


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